american bigfoot by jeff hilling art

"I'm going to tell you the truth about Bigfoot. More specifically, answer the $64,000 question: Is there any reality to the existence of a hairy unknown bipedal creature, commonly referred to as Bigfoot?"

American Bigfoot: A thought provoking cryptozoological work of logic, theory, and history.

Are we really getting closer to discovering the truth about Bigfoot, or are we further than we've ever been?

• Is it possible that we have missed the narrow window of opportunity altogether in discovering a new species

• Is there any way to conclusively prove the existence of Bigfoot without a body? (The answer may surprise you.) 

How Roger Patterson could have proved the existence of Bigfoot, without killing or capture. 

• What is the Psychological Sasquatch, and is it dangerous?

         The Theodore Roosevelt Bigfoot connection

      Why some of the weirder Bigfoot evidence may actually be the real thing

• Why the majority of researchers are on the wrong track.

       The startling truth of what is getting in the way of finding Bigfoot

• Why everything you think you know about Bigfoot, may be completely wrong. 

• A new theory of Bigfoot (the fact), and the possible origins of Bigfoot (the fantasy.

Full length:120 pages
Cover: Full Color
Interior: Black and White
Made in the USA
Pasted Graphic

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