The world would be a different place had not the famous Patterson film been made. I truly believe it has changed the landscape of American pop culture permanently. The items represented on this part of the website are meant to entertain, and amuse, but more importantly they are to prove a point. Imagine if the Patterson film never existed. There is no doubt in my mind that this small sample of movies, tv shows, toys etc. would also would not exist...thus changing life as we know it in some way. Monkey suit or genuine Bigfoot, the Patterson film has had a HUGE impact on pop culture. All items shown are post-Patterson film. There are very few if any Bigfoot pop culture items that exist pre-Patterson film. Enjoy.

Harry and the Hendersons was a huge hit movie and television series.

6 Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman jumped on the Bigfoot trend of the 70's by introducing a “Bionic Bigfoot” ( played by wrestling superstar Andre the Giant ) and intertwining him into both series for several episodes. This also spawned one of the greatest action figures of all time.

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Board games, comic books, and the dreaded loin cloth wearing AMT model. Bigfoot was and still is a hot marketing trend thanks to the Patterson film.
(above) This classic is from K-Tel back in the 70's, a set of snow shoes that made your prints look like Bigfoot. Hoaxing could never be more fun! (below) This is a rare animatronic Sasquatch created in the 1980's very weird. page19_8 page19_9
This recent item is from the skymall catalog. A lawn jockey for sasquatch fans. page19_10
Williams Pinball game featuring an animatronic Bigfoot as the star of the game. page19_11 page19_12 page19_13 page19_14
Bigfoot has been depicted in cinema in a broad spectrum of ways. From a Hell raising beast, to a childs best friend, and everything in between.
The basic plot involves people (including a young woman who bailed out of a troubled airplane and a motorcyclist's girlfriend) who are captured by the legendary ape-like creatures in the mountainous Northwest and the scheme of a party of Hawkes-led huntsmen (bumbling at first, but in terms of rescuing the captured women, [not safely trapping, as the business-minded Hawkes was hoping to do all along, Bigfoot alive for public exhibition profitability] victorious {with the help of others} in the end) and hip young college people riding cheap imported motorcycles to rescue the captured young women. In the middle of the film, the skeptical sheriff's department and the ranger's station are notified of the women's disappearance, but to no avail on the part of the authorities with respect to actually searching for the missing women. The unlikely heroes in the very end are a hardy, gun-toting old mountain man who had previously lost one of his arms during a historical encounter (this encounter is not dramatized in this film as a flashback) with the gigantic, erect animal and one of the idiotic dynamite-armed bike riders. The old man hero's wife, an Indian squaw, prophesizes "bad medicine" (for Bigfoot, that is) just before the final man-vs.-Bigfoot showdown. (wikipedia) Here Bigfoot is portrayed as a sex crazed rapist. Yikes. page19_16page19_17 page19_18 page19_19 page19_20
The post Patterson film era also gave us a trend of silly supermarket tabloids.
page19_21 page19_22 page19_23page19_24page19_25page19_26page19_27page19_28 Don't forget: "BIGFOOT AND WILDBOY"

Who could ever forget the "in Search Of..." television series that featured Bigfoot,(Patterson film), abominable snowman on different occasions. Arguably, this show is what really launched the trend.
page19_30 Was the Chewbacca character a result of the heavy influence of the Bigfoot phenomenon?

page19_31 screen-shot-2011-11-21-at-11.17.19-pm Selling whiskey with the Patterson film! screen-shot-2011-11-24-at-6.47.12-pm A Postcard from the Spam Museum in Austin Minnesota. screen-shot-2011-12-02-at-4.49.29-pm